Hack before reading

Sending an image to a PHP server as a base64 string. How to do it? What went wrong? And how to solve the error of invalid image.


I decided that enough is enough, I gave Gitlab a try. I spun up a brand new server and installed it. That wasn't a pleasant morning for me.

Using seperated images instead of texture atlas may cause your Phaser game to perform badly. I would be discussing how packing images in texture atlas helped save a game from crashing on older devices.

So I wrote my own Virtual Joystick Plugin for the HTML5 game engine Phaser. That may sound stupid now, but at that time @photostorm didn’t release his official plugin yet. Still, it’s a $20 value there.

A stalker doesn’t stick on his target, he keeps distance and quietly follows. Unsatisfied with the follow functionality of the Camera class of the HTML5 game engine Phaser, I made a stalker out of my own.

I realized the Camera class of the HTML5 game engine Phaser does not have zoom functionality, so I decided to build another camera that does, using a Group to simulate the scale and motion.