Nguyen Tuan Anh

Software engineer with 6+ years of work experience in designing and developing cross-platform games and apps on web technology. In my free time, I travel and enjoy my life. I also spent my time take part in hackathons and game jams, help beginner developers, as well as work on personal projects.

Most of my freelancing projects involve small businesses and startups where I have to work directly with many categories of audiences: C-levels, developers and sale teams. Facing problem, I comes up with solutions and provide explainations with recommendations to give my customers the best possible results.

Work Experience

Game Engineer

2018 - now at Block & Chain Studio, Halo Platform

  • Develop client and backend for web games with multi-currency wagering, stock-market-like market, virtual breeding and ownership.
  • Develop in-house Photoshop-to-Phaser automated asset flow with supports for bitmap fonts and nice-slice textures
  • Develop UI components and patterns including lazy states, lazy nest-able Router, lazy List view, as well as other debugging and balancing tools.
  • Provide my knowledge on game economy models and payment systems and support in managing a project built by third-party contractor.

Game R&D Engineer

2017 - 2018 at VNG Game Studios

  • Work with a team of game designers and artists to design new game ideas and creating mobile game prototypes.
  • Work with studios in VNG to review their games or ideas regarding game design, technical aspects and market research to improve their products.
  • Research game related technology like controls, AR and geolocation.
  • Training the team regarding technical knowledge and tools.


2016 - 2017

I spent my time working independently after the previous job. In most of my projects, I worked with small bussiness and start-ups. My works including:

  • Developing web clients for multiplayer games, hybrid mobile apps and features for eCommerce websites.
  • Consulting and coaching on user experiences, Websocket, Javascript and React.js
  • Take part or provide technical coaching in game jams and hackathons with sound-based game, sleep tracking and eCommerce chat bot. (See more here)


2013 - 2016 as founder, developer and PM

Founded with some of my friends focusing on mobile games and outsourcing projects.

  • Hybrid mobile games with Phaser and Cocoon.js.
  • Develop, setup and overseeing development environment and deployment.
  • Development tools such as proxy manager and Phaser Inspector.
  • Frontend for web-app outsourcing projects.
  • Project management on some outsourcing projects.

Other related experiences


Hanoi University of Sience and Technology

2009 - 2014: Applied Mathematics and Information Major