This update aims to reduce dynamic rendering while allow better interactivity.

Dropping Accelerated Mobile Pages

Previously I used an AMP theme for this blog. That theme applies AMP on the entire site, not just pages for AMP engines, which is unnecessary since visitors are only be able to benefit from AMP speed if coming from Google search result.

The long list of limitations for AMP pages makes building complicated features very uncomfortable or impossible. Therefore, I’m dropping AMP in favor of a much simpler page structure, meaning throwing away a bunch of plugins and front matter settings that I made for easier blog writing. I might consider adding secondary AMP pages in the future but those won’t have any usage I think.

Now that I no longer need image size to feed to AMP, my build time reduced significantly!

Something old and Something new

Most stuffs remain the same visually. We have a better lightbox and carousel now, comments should load faster, post title images are now fixed and contents scroll over them. Portfolio now have a tag cloud and my profile how counts my years of experiences automatically.

<noscript> Land

Images and Youtube videos received an enhancement where they can still be seen without javascript. In Youtube case, visitor will see a big thumbnail with an Youtube play button on top of it, so it looks like a video. However, if the javascript is disabled it can still be rendered and when clicked, takes visitor to Youtube page.

It’s actually a link. Supprise motherf***er!

Head over to my portfolio to try it out. I’m off to filling some posts, this blog is seriously lacking content.

One more thing

You might have noticed a mini game is being displayed on the right side of the page if you are on a browser with at least 1400px width. Have fun and keep me running :)


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